Tuesday 19 August 2008

La Cucina

Bad cannoli. I am afraid to say. Eusebi wins hands down, or should that be "Hands up".

The shell was a bit soggy as if a day old and the filling was not the light sweet fluffy ricotta of the Eusebi cannoli, but some sort of white stuff that had the texture of icing sugar. It was all a bit disappointing especially as I had extolled their virtues to Choiti and Chris. Next time I should eat before I talk.


Unknown said...

eusebi like most of glasgow sell frozen cannoli imported from nothern italy....shameful. the only fresh cannoli are la sicilia cannoli co glasgow run by sicilian husband and wife team, supply bellafresca and panevino or look up their site and buy direct but minimunm order,

curious eater said...

thanks, didn't know that, will have a look.