Wednesday 25 June 2008

Barcelona: Part IV: Pinotxo & Hisop & Headcheese

One of my most favourite dishes in Barcelona has to be the Cigrons or Garbanzos from Pinotxo in the Boqueria. I first had them two years ago and dream of them often.

Imagine my delight then, when both Rachel and Choiti fell in love with them too and insisted that we have them at least once a day. True friends they are.
We had these little beauties with butifarra, pam amb tomate and the essential padron.

This set us up nicely for a bit of shopping along the Passeig de Gracia. If I had been thinking I would have realised our close proximity to Tapac 24, which evaded me all weekend until the last day, when indeed it was our last tapas stop.

That night after drinking some very good albarino on the roof terrace we headed to hisop which turned out to be one of our most favourite meals. Again, modern minimalist interior, a very helpful waitress who spoke excellent English and helpfully translated the menu for us. We opted for the tasting menu which at 48 euros seemed a good deal and also removes the harrowing issue of what to order.

We started with the mackerel with mushrooms which was lovely

The cuttlefish with cacao which I didn't like on account of textural issues

The cap I pota with prawns. Actually the prawns were used to make a ravioli which is then filled with the headcheese. Always wanted to use that word. Headcheese.

My beautiful John Dory with truffle, this was very good.

This was roast suckling pig, which was excellent. The skin was crispy and the fat had become one with the meat allowing for it all to be devoured.

The hake with morels

then there was cheese, which went so fast I forgot to take a picture.


Strawberries cocoa and roses (with a little olive thrown in for good measure!! I think they thought we wouldn't notice..)

I really enjoyed this meal in particular my John Dory and the suckling pig, which would turn out to be better then the one we had at Can Fabes. I would hope to come back here and have the Dory and Pig again.

By the end of the meal we were all quite tipsy and headed back to the hotel We three girls went round the corner to Bar Lobo which I think is part of the Tragaluz group.
It is situated in a square has outdoor tables and is perfect for people watching.

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