Sunday 3 August 2008

Green&Red, Brick Lane Beigel and the Hawksmoor!

Many yellow bags later we made our way to Shoreditch to slake our thirst.

We hit Green and Red first and sampled a couple of the Tequila cocktails on offer. I have to say I was very impressed by the guy behind the bar not only for his mixing abilities but his ability to remember all five of our orders without a mistake. They have quite an impressive selection of Tequilas, which I am sure HI would like to work his way through.. I had a Mammas to start off then a Tommy's. I tried Emma's Paloma and Rachel's Elderflower too, both of which were very drinkable. The Guac was pretty good too. The only problem was, the downstairs seating area was not open so we had to perch at the bar which was ok if you were only having one but not if you wanted to settle in for the night. Luckily or us were were not, so after two cocktails each we headed off to the Hawksmoor.

On the way there John and I thought we had better line our stomach's with a salt beef beigel.

Good chewy beigel, if a bit sweet, and salty savoury beef. Not as good as Katz's but then where is?

We made our way to the Hawksmoor and inveigled ourselves at the bar. I had Scofflaw then a Millionaire.

Both are very similar the Scofflaw being a little lighter with more lime? The others sampled between them the Puritan, the Brooklyn, and the French 75.

As you can imagine by this time we were more than a bit squiffy which seemed a good way to be to brave the queue at New Tayyabs, especially since we missed our eight o'clock reservation!

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