Tuesday 16 December 2008

New York: Sunday lunch at the Gramercy Tavern.

The Gramercy Tavern is a bit of a New York institution. It was one of Danny Meyers early successes and has been around for donkeys. I don't know what it looks like at other times of the year but they always seem to have a good Thanksgiving vibe going on.

One of the reasons I like the place it that it had a good noon alcholic selection- Gewurztraminer juice and sparkling French cider. We had lunch there last year and HI really like it for the little saucepan of duck confit he was given, which was a meal in itself. This time round I was left a little cold and it's only now that I read this article that I realised why.

My cauliflower starter was a little too healthy.

The cauliflower was barley cooked with little caramelisation that can turn this veggie into a tasty morsel. The pine nuts and raisins were good but it was all a little too sweet for my liking. My next dish the chorizo stew was again too refined,

it lacked the heartiness of a stew was more of a soup and the chorizo seemed to be behaving itself. HI's meatball is a huge protein fest but HI wasn't impressed by it's sheer volume and couldn't really see the point of it.

Would I go back, only to sit at the bar and drink juice.

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