Sunday 6 February 2011

Blog 2012

I have realised that the blog acts as a diary, one that reminds me not only of the food we have eaten but the fun times we have shared with friends. Looking back, and trying to fill in the gaps, I hazily recall eating at the Ledbury, Cay Tre, Byron, and Bob Bob Ricard in London October 2010. Lunches were also had at Martin Wishart and Kitchin in early 2011 and then Byron, Goodman, St John, Gauthier, The Wolesely, Brawn and Delhi Grill. Without the blog to act as an external hard drive, all I can remember is whether or not I liked the meal, and who we ate it with, but not much else. So, if for no other reason but to support my episodic memory, it's time to resurrect the blog. Times have moved on and I wonder if a different format might be better suited to my needs, tumblr and pintrest spring to mind. Something that is visual but requires minimal text. For the time being, I shall however concentrate on uploading all my photos from our latest London trip where we hit

The Wolesely
The Bull and Last
The Hawksmoor Spitalfields Bar