Saturday 13 June 2015

Porter and Rye

It's a good looking place and the service was attentive. It even has the beef carcass hanging up so you can see how well aged it is. But it is expensive. London prices.

Yes you get 10oz but I would be happier to eat less and pay less. £30 for a fillet or ribeye. The burger is a reasonably priced £13 same as the Hawksmoor.

We had a very good beef tartare to start. Rough cut with plenty of capers cornichons and spice.

Our steaks were correctly cooked with a good char.
The salad sides were disappointing. Basically the same two salads as what we got on our plate. When I order pressed apple and fennel salad I expect it to comprise mostly of fennel and apple, not of watercress and other greens. Same too for the radish and lemon salad. Most of it was green.

The puddings are not worthwhile. My chocolate terrine with banana had some weird stuff at the side which smelt and had the luminous yellow look of banana Krusha which is obviously meant to be retro and trendy but to my mind unnecessarily synthetic.
Save pudding for Ox and finch.

Would I go again? Yes for the steak tartare and if they sold a 6 oz steak for about £20.

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