Saturday 5 July 2008

Stravaigin and the Big slope

It was the evening of Will's final farewell (!) and HI and I, had gone to Stravaigin for a bite to eat before meeting the others at the Big Slope.

We shared the lovely beef carpaccio we had the last time, followed by some chips.

There was something different about the chips, something I hope is not going to happen again. They had the skin on they were like wedges. Now I have nothing against wedges but one of the many things that Stravaigin does well are it's chips. Crunchy on the outside gooey on the inside. Not so today. We still ate them though.

These were followed by our mains. HI ordered the chicken special which he declared better be blinking special at £14 for some chicken breast with aubergine. Turned out it was. The chicken had been marinated in orange and cinnamon then poached and finished under the grill, served with aubergine and a pomegranate yoghurt sauce.

It was lovely.

I, still wary of the burger, ordered a the rolled lamb shoulder with feta and pine nuts with olive tapenade.

Again this was very good but just pipped at the post by the chicken.

Our stomachs suitably lined, we joined the others at the big slope. Will tried out the burger and in the interest of research I had a bite.

It was alright. Probably bottom of the list. Damian succumbed to the lure of carbs, and after a beer or two ordered the red onion and sausage pizza.

Encouragingly it came with what looked liked blobs of fresh mozzarella but on sampling said pizza, I am not so sure. Bah. Don't think I would order either of these again.

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