Sunday 1 April 2012


Now, we had been to Brawn with John, and had been so excited by the menu that we ordered loads and promptly felt like we were developing gout due to the huge quantities of rich protein that we consumed. We fairly waddled home.

When making up this trip's list, the toss up was between Bar Boulud where the only thing we really were interested in were the burgers, and Soif. Again. we were a bit put off by the trek- Clapham Common and then a very long walk, but then weather was good and the menu looked interesting.

It was a Thursday evening and the place was packed with a real buzz to it. The interior is not as hip as Brawn, much more your local french bistro vibe. The wait staff did their best but still were run off their feet. It was very hot and loud by 9pm. I had thought it was small plates just like Brawn but the portions were larger as pointed out by our waiter who told us with a smile when to stop ordering.

I was a bit disappointed by the execution of the dishes, which sounded good on paper. We started with some padron peppers, which were a bit oily and none were hot.

HI ordered the chicken livers with sage and onion. I don't like livers so can't comment but HI said they were just ok. Next up was my hake with lentils, which was lovely, fresh and light- almost healthy. HI again went for the offal and had the pigs kidneys which looked like bulbous button mushrooms and almost made me gag at the sight of them. HI was not excited, he said he could do better himself. The last dish was a tart fine of artichoke and spinach. By this time we were pretty full and I left most of it.

The bill was roughly £88 for the food and two drinks. As you will see the same amount at the Hawksmoor provided us with much more taste satisfaction. I think if you lived in the area you would feel lucky but it's not somewhere I would travel for again.

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