Saturday 30 May 2009

Monachyle Mhor

I am ashamed to say that I can't remember this meal in very much detail. I don't have the excuse of being drunk, more, that I was already in a food coma having been far too greedy at Mhor fish at lunchtime!

We chose to go there to celebrate our second wedding anniversary having heard positive reports from two lots of friends. Not wanting to miss an eating opportunity I planned it so that we would go via Callander to Mhor fish for lunch, then drive the rest of the way to Monachyle Mhor in the Trossachs. It was a pleasant mistake to make. Eyes being bigger than pregnant belly, I ate way too much at lunch which can be read about here. I thought I would be hungry by the time dinner came round at seven-thirty, but boy was I wrong.

The drive to the Trossachs is a picturesque one but I will warn you that the last half an hour leading up to the hotel is quite stressful, primarily as it is one track, with a loch on one side, a hill on the other and very few passing places. I would not like to attempt this track in the dark as there are no lights. I felt I could have done with a Gin and Tonic after that drive but had to make do with a mineral water.

The hotel itself looks very trad from the outside but whoever did thier interiors really knows what they are doing. Architectural and contemporary but still personal. Me likey. Our room was one of the larger ones and we had our own steam room, which I couldn't use but HI could and did. The bath was huge and very relaxing.

A shot of our bathroom and entrance to our room,

We went down for dinner and all I can remember was thinking damn this food is really good I wish I was not so full so I could appreciate it more.

The amuse bouche

bloody orange sorbet very refreshing

HI's Mallaig oyster which he said was good.

HI's fish course, very tasty but can't remember what it was!

HI's main, again can't remember what it was although it looks like slow cooked veal or beef cheek.

My fish course, some sort of beignet?

My hake, very very good
I ended up leaving food on my plate that I would normally have polished off. We actually asked if pudding could get sent up to our room to eat at our leisure, a request that was readily granted.

So, it's not the cheapest but worth saving up for for a special occasion. I would go back for the food and the hotel but not for the drive! One last thing- go hungry!

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