Tuesday 2 December 2008

New York: Arturo's

More than a little tipsy we headed to Arturo's, our dinner destination that evening. We had fond memories of the last time we were there. Hot off the plane it was a cold night and Arturo's was warm, bustling with live Jazz. That and Pizza. What more could you ask.

This time was good but maybe not as relaxed as our table was squished tightly between two others. The pizza was good, although I prefer more charr on my pizza.

Feeling very stuffed, squiffy and jet-lagged we wandered back to the hotel ia Whole Foods. I know one has opened this year in London and all I can say is lucky London. I felt like a small child in a sweetie shop. This place suffers from an embaressment of riches. I live in a developed country but to have so much choice astounded me. Look at all these pumpkins!

And this mountain of cheese.

I even saw a fruit I had not seen before a Buddha hand

You learn something everyday!

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