Thursday 6 November 2008

Cocktails at the Dorchester.

As you know HI is partial to a well made Martini, so, after reading this article about London's 'martini time' we thought we would head to the Dorchester. It's quite a posh place and I think I upset one of it's patrons by assuming he worked there and asking him the way to the bar. Well, that's what you get for standing about at the entrance looking gormless wearing a suit. I am not suggesting that door men are gormless, just this man.
Once in the bar it was interesting to note that the much acclaimed martini flight was not on the menu and so we ordered off menu, which lead to the head bar man coming and having an interesting cocktail oriented chat with us.

The flight

My 'tea-time' martini which was poured from a very kitsch, cute teapot.

As you can see quite a lot of alcohol was imbibed leaving us to friscillate off into the glow of the afternoon.

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