Monday 24 November 2008

Cafe Zique III.


At the mo my favourite place for brunch is Heart Buchanan, but in the spirit of things Rachel and I thought we would give Cafe Zique a try. The lattes were good and served in glasses that, although reminiscent of Sydney, are a little impractical.

The eggs Benedict featured Puddledub bacon, a brand neither Rach or I had heard of before, and which was very tasty, on a level with Ramsey's of Carluke. My problem was with the hollandaise. It was not a patch on the HB stuff, being a bit runny and not lemony enough, and the rocket was a little past it's best.
Cafe Zique is also 2.20 more expensive than HB,with portions that are smaller, so this round goes to HB!

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