Wednesday 3 April 2013

Ciutat Comtal

We ate here twice because it was near our apartment and also because it is open all the time. This latter point being very handy when you have a three year old and need to fit in an early dinner at 6.30 pm which is unheard of in a country where most people eat theirs at 10pm or later. I must also add that the food isn't bad. It has a huge menu printed in 5 different languages but a copy of which is no where to be found on the web. It offers all of the stalwarts of cold and hot tapa, all quite traditional and therefore no surprises here. It was also the place we first tried Cacolat. I cannot believe I have not had this before. It is lovely. Like liquid chocolate crack. Being pregnant at the time I also discovered it tastes very well poured into a bowl of bran flakes.. It also came in large plastic bottles available in most of the convenience stores, so we were able to indulge ourselves whenever we wanted in our apartment. this was a mayo laden salad with lots of unidentifiable ingredients, not one of the best choices an excellent plate of grilled mushrooms and garlic the mini hamburgers, also very good a generous serving of Padron solomillo with large chunks of tender fillet steak, very good bruschetta de gambas- large moist prawns all in all we liked the place, its fast, not too expensive, child friendly and has some tasty offerings.

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