Saturday 17 May 2008

Cherry and Heather.

Cherry and Heather is a gem of a place located in that most unlikely of locations, Ibrox (or Ibroxia as I fondly call it).
The name alludes to it's joint lineage, it being a Japansese and Scottish concern. It must have huge appeal to all the displaced BBC folk now located not far away at on the South of the river near the ill-fated squinty bridge.
It stocks some hard to find Japanese dry goods and a selection of rather choice chocolates including the addictive but expensive Amattlons which are roasted and caramelised Catalan Marcona almonds coated in cocoa dusted white chocolate. YUM YUM.
In addition to all this they also do a rather natty line in sandwiches, which as you may know are my favourite food form.

Smoked duck breast with blue cheese and blackcurrant-claret compote

Spanish chorizo sausage with spinach and smoked paprika mayo

Meatball in Indonesian bumbu kecap, chilli & peanut this is my favourite.

They also do some freshly made baked goods including fairy cakes, muffins and brownies as well as veggie sushi made daily.

Ibrox is lucky to have such a place.

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