Friday 30 May 2008

Italian caffe II

Just a quick update..

things that were good

were the green olives-large, juicy and not too salty and the affettato misto plate. What a lot of meat! Rolled herbed pork, Milano salami, Lomo, Parma ham, breasola and something that looked and tasted suspiciously like chorizo.. but what the hey, Spanish, Polish, Italian, it's all good.

From left to right

roasted swordfish, another disappointing fish dish- a bit over cooked
an empty dish of salsiccia in ragu, yum
roast chicken livers- HI was in heaven, I thought metallic.
center was beef carpaccio, again excellent with a good balance of meat, oil and Parmesan.
far right, although finished, not so good panzanella, just a bit bland- should have been sitting for a while to soak up the juices and have a bit more taste.

All in all though, another satisfying meal. Maybe it has to do with the high protein low carb ratio, or the small plate thing.

But whatever it is, I like it.

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