Sunday 27 April 2008

The Big Blue.

Ah the Big Blue. Ah Jean-Marc Barr.. He was an adolescents dream. I remember intensely disliking Rosanna Arquette and thinking she was not good enough for him.

Anyway.. I don't know if the Big Blue in Glasgow is named after Besson's film but it is one of the few places that on a sunny day in Glasgow you can sit outside, have a drink and some passable food. It is also one of the few places that had managed to remain open since before I went Uni all those years ago (13years). It has a cocktail menu but they tend to be on the sweet side and I think are aimed at the younger audience.

The only reason I really go there is the Pizza. Glasgow is not renowned for its pizza. The only other place that does decent Pizza is Little Italy and even then there can be some variability. If you go to the Big Blue have the Parma Ruccola, it s one of their best pizzas - Parma ham, rocket and mozzarella.

But be sure to have the pizza oil they offer, I think this is the secret weapon. I have tried the pizza without, and sadly it is lacking. However, the base is thin (how I like it) and crispy, but not burnt, the tomato sauce tasty and usually adequate in quantity and the toppings also adequate in quantity.
It was washed down by a rather drinkable Pear cider that I know Ikea does a natty line in. A dangerous drink on a sunny day..

The booths are the best place to sit, either that or outside. I find the main restaurant a bit lacking in character. The staff are pretty friendly and efficient and the prices reasonable. The only other things on the menu that I remember to be worth eating are the bruschetta and the Cajun chicken (!) but that's just my opinion. Many people like the pasta, but why eat that when you can make it at home?

Having said that I make a mean Pizza base myself and my own pasta, so on that account, why would I ever eat either anywhere else?

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