Sunday 15 June 2008

Stravaigin, again.

We go here so often that I don't write it up, mostly due to the fact that I invariably have the burger which I have already rhapsodised about before.

However, this Friday we met up with Damian and Victoria for dinner and I (shock-horror) ordered something that was not the burger, allowing me the chance to talk about something different! I also remembered to take some photos which I don't usually do.

If you look closely at the mirror you might be able to make out the astonishing fact that last year they sold 6493 of the fish suppers. I have never had the fish supper but 6493 people can't be wrong.

HI and I got there early so we shared the Galloway beef carpaccio which was served with smoked peaches and rocket.

It was very very good. I could have eaten a whole plate of it myself. We then followed this with a bowl of the very good chips with mayo before our companions arrived.
As you know HI is fond of chili, and if it's on the menu he feels obliged to order it, if only to allow him that satisfaction that it is not as good as his own. Bizarrely all three of them had the chili.

I sneaked a taste and found it to be good, with hints of chocolate. But Hi is right, it has a one dimensional fiery top note, probably due to the use of chili powder as opposed to the five or so dried chili varieties HI uses.

I had the stuffed lamb shoulder with olive tapenade, tomato and ground lamb.
This was also very good and when I finished, my plate was clean.

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