Thursday 6 June 2013

Buddy's BBQ southside

It was the middle of the week and we were both home at lunchtime so we took the opportunity to try out Buddy's. James vs burger had been there a couple of days earlier and not only do they have a secret menu but they allow you to customise your burger.
So, I went for a western with two patties medium rare. This specification proved redundant as the patties are thin and therefore get cooked through. This does not detract from the good BBQ char and coarse ground meaty taste. I thought the onion rings, whilst being a good idea in principle, became a soggy mass. The bun was good and held it together and was not that most awful of burger crimes, a sweet bun. A very good plus point was the gloopy cheesy mass that formed in between the burger and rings.
I liked it. I would probably customise further in future. Two patties, raw red onion and chipotle mayo with nothing else.
HI tried out the pulled pork sandwich which he liked. It was generous in proportion but not powerful enough  in terms of dry rub for me.
The Cajun fries were alright but a bit too much like oven chips with Schwartz on them to be special.
It is a breath of fresh air to have a place like Buddy's in Glasgow. People with a passion making a few well delivered items. We would definitely go back. The fact you can phone ahead and pick up your order is a good idea and makes the 15 min schlep worthwhile.

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