Monday 17 June 2013

Banh mi 11

My first experience of Banh Mi was in New York. Banh Mi Saigon bakery on Mott St to be precise. They didn't have anywhere to sit so I had to eat it out on the street washed down with what was my first Vietnamese coffee. It is an experience that has obviously stayed with me. I love sandwiches in any form and the combination of freshly baked crusty baguette filed with pâté, BBQ pork and pork head cheese with pickled carrot and radish and fresh coriander, cucumber and chilli was mouth heaven for me. All washed down with very hot Vietnamese coffee made with condensed milk mmmmh. Ever since I have hoped to replicate the experience which has proved hard as up until recently Glasgow didn't even have a Vietnamese restaurant. Fortunately for me though we are in London for a holiday and Banh mi 11 was on our way home after having our St John doughnut fix.

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