Monday 24 June 2013


Continuing the burger theme we thought we would reward ourselves with lunch here after a trip to the Science Centre. Again we have James vs Burger to thank for the rec. It started off well, there was a lazy Sunday vibe and the place was child tolerant.
 Noah wanted to know why there were so many adult milkshakes and none for boys and girls. For shame there were no virgin White Russians so I couldn't content him with one until he got home. 
 I went for the big Lebowski, two large patties served medium with cheddar, extra bacon and fresh chilies while HI went for the pulled pork sub. Mine started of at £11.45 and his at £8.45. On a Sunday they run a reduced menu focussing mainly on the burgers and Russians.
 I was quite excited about the burger but I was disappointed. Although the portions were generous, the patties themselves were seriously under seasoned and over cooked. I had been told they came medium but they were more well done, with no juice running out whatsoever. This made the huge stale pumpkin and sesame rolls redundant. The lettuce and tomato just got in the way. The pulled pork was ok but the menu is misleading. The way it read we thought it came with a small portion of ' homemade chili' but it didn't,it came with a chili BBQ sauce. The bill was steep too, £28 for two burgers, and two soda and limes. 
It reminded me why we so rarely eat out these days. I felt they were trying to overcompensate with huge portion size in the hope that the lack of flavour and overlooking would be less noticeable. I came away disappointed and wishing that Roast were open on a Sunday.

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