Wednesday 10 July 2013

John Salt

I remember getting drunk in the Keston Lodge which was the JohnSalt was in a previous life. Unfortunately, we missed out on the Ben Spalding stint and were keen to try out the work of Neil Rankin of Pit Cue Co, although it would seem we just missed him too! He has joined forces with our local in London, the Pig and Butcher to head up the Smokehouse, another venture in Islington. Replacing him is Luke Findley who was his sous chef at JohnSalt and previously worked at the hand and flowers and Nopi. It was also a menu that seemed Noah friendly so ever keen to add to the list of good child friendly eating venues we had lunch there.
Its self service, you find yourself a table, go up to the bar and order, pay for your good and drink and take your cutlery to your table. Suited us fine with Noah in tow. The hanger steak was a hit as were the whitebait, in fact we went back a second time for these two dishes. Honourable mention must go to the coal smoked potatoes which had a good mouth feel, the crunchy fries and the lamb of which there was too little compared to the very generous steak dish.
 Everything else was good but not memorable. 

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