Sunday 6 April 2014

Le Bistro Beumartin

I really wanted to like this place. I liked the seating area at the front and the ramshackle furniture. The decor was more modern than bistro. The service was good although I don't know how they would have fared with the same number of staff had they been busier.
My main problem with the food was the inclusion of random ingredients. If marketing oneself as a Classic French bistro then stick to the rule book and excell at it. Don't put your own artistic interpretation into it. Salmon rilletes with sundried tomato and pink peppercorns?
Boeuf bourgingnon with un crushed juniper berries? Some dishes are classics because they are perfect already, they need no embellishment.
I have taken years to perfect my tart Tatin and the one served fell short. The apples were cut too thick, there was not enough caramelisation or caramel and the puff pastry could have been more buttery. I admit I cheat by using an amazing all butter Devon farm frozen pasry but it's better to use good shop bought than use poor home made.

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