Sunday 6 April 2014

Jackson & rye

This was an unplanned stop in our eating and drinking itinerary and one I am glad we made. We were tired after the sleeper and a morning of shopping and I desperately needed to rehydrate on order to be awake for our lunch reservation at Gauthier. This was round the corner and we sat at the bar. LizLemon was immediately taken with the selection of rye on order (hence the name) and had a Boulevardier followed by a bespoke Sazerac. Our South African bartender was relieved that finally someone at 11am had ordered a proper drink. I had my first pour over coffee (what a small town hick I am) and two arnold palmers (ice tea and lemonade). This place has a fun buzz to it and a menu that we might have ordered off it we didn't already have plans.

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