Sunday 6 April 2014

Maltby St Market

So. Borough Market is apparently for tourists and although that is what we are, I do remember how uncomfortably busy it was and that it was not much fun, so we decided we should make the most of the decent weather and head to Maltby St Market instead.
It's a 15 min walk from London Bridge and a word of advice there is not much point getting there before 9.30 am as the traders are still setting up. We were the first folk there and felt a bit of a nuisance.

The coffee from Craft is indeed very good. The reports of a slight decline in quality of the St. John doughnut I found to be true. I had a Canele from Comptoir Gourmand and although a tasty morsel I wondered if there were meant to be two textures instead of one? Crusty outside, gooey inside?
The standout of the morning was the salt beef Reuben from Monty's deli. I would definitely come here again for that. The guys at Monty's were supernice. 
We followed this up by being the first people at Little Bird gin and having a 10 am Bloody Mary and Negroni. Nice. What a civilised way to start a Saturday morning!

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