Saturday 3 May 2014


Myself and Rachel got the train through to Edinburgh to have lunch with my good friend Natalie. Given that both Rachel and I are mostly Paleo these days we thought we would try out this steak place.
I had subscribed to their newsletter which gave us 20% off food which is a good thing as it ain't cheap.
Now I will have to compare it to the Hawksmoor and Goodman and did it measure up? No, not really. It has a lot of positives but I found it to be expensive for what you get. My meal came to £50 including the discount. I don't mind paying that at Hawksmoor or Goodman as what you get merits it, but not here. 

There were a lot of positives. 
It's a good looking place and the service was very good. The portions were slightly small although we still left stuffed due to the amount we ordered. The steak tartare was better after I added extra Tabasco and Worchestire sauce and oddly, my side salad had no dressing on it. My rib eye was medium when I had asked for medium rare (I later overheard a different waiter telling another table that due to the high fat content it was better medium rare,something I had not heard before). My Cafe de Paris butter was good but did not involve any liver. Rachel was very pleased with her fillet but Natalie found her plaice to be over cooked. The skinny fries were very good, and we were so full we didn't even eat the Portobello mushrooms we ordered. Despite this we still ordered pudding and my pineapple tart Tatin was very nice, the best of the puddings I think. Rachel chocolate mousse was more of a parfait and Natalie's chocolate fudge sundae was very rich and sweet as could be expected but not as sophisticated as it might have been.
We had a fun time but I don't know that we would go back.

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