Monday 20 January 2014


We picked meatmission as I knew you could book. They showed us through to the back which suited us well as we had Noah with us. We loved the art and took lots of photos. This did not however distract us from the fact it took them ages to take our order and even longer to bring our food. We had a clear view of the kitchen and saw them crank out plenty of food. It turns out they forgot to process our order but once it was put in it came out pretty quickly. To make up for it they gave us free tokens for the photo booth which we loved! 
The food came out on a big tray which is great for sharing. I was underwhelmed by the monkey fingers. The batter was too thick and greasy. Same for the fried pickles, the batter separated from the pickles in a greasy clump. The burgers were good and I probably liked it more than my patty and bun burger.

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