Saturday 29 November 2014

Scran and Scallie

Well, there is a lot going for this place. Lovely decor, good service with a lot of attentive waitstaff, some good cocktails both alcoholic and non, in fact the non alcoholic being the better of the two. The food was pretty good too. It's child friendly not just tolerant which is a great plus.

What were the negatives: the inside of my steak pie was so hot that the other two mains were finished by the time it was edible. When most food served in restaurant runs the risk of being lukewarm it seems churlish to say this is a drawback.
The other disappointment was my winter moijto which I ordered as it was meant to have ginger beer apple juice and other things in it. When I got it there was no ginger beer and too much ice so it started off very alcoholic then very watery.
The sour plum drink was amazing as was the milkshake.
The tempura squid very good with a great doping sauce.
The steak tartare was very good also.
The crispy pigs ears and cracking a bit too hard for me.
The bavette was very good and the steak pie, which looked lovely and was tasty was the weakest of the lot which is not that weak at all.


Hot sour plum

Not warm bread

Very good squid

Very good steak tartare

Watery too strong moijto

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