Wednesday 29 October 2014


We had a reservation for breakfast at the Chiltern firehouse which I ended up cancelling due to their poor kitchen inspection report. Instead we went to Balthazar which frankly left me a bit cold. Granted the room is lovely and indistinguishable from the New York room, but the whole experience was over and done with in 30mins. Ideal for a business lunch but a bit slick for the start of our trip. 
It started with the coffee. For £3.50 you get one small cup of filter coffee for the same price at what used to be the St John hotel you got a whole cafetiere. I asked for two scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and asked that instead of toast that I could get salad. Did I get any? No. Did I get any toast either? No. Rachel had an egg royal and although you can pay double to get two eggs, £9 gets you what can only be described as a lonely looking poached egg.
I won't go back as there are too many better places for breakfast.

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