Wednesday 29 October 2014

Ember yard

There were 5 of us for dinner so a place that served small plates seemed to suit us. Our waitress was very good, friendly, efficient and told us we had orders too much.
We orders the squid, which was good the sea bream which was ok, the trout which I didn't like but others did.
The 3 standouts were the presa, the underblade and the burger which were all delicious and I would have again.
The tomato salad was lovely as was the butter lettuce. The parsnip chips really didn't need the honey but still got finished.
We has order the leg of lamb to share which I found to be the most disappointing of all the dishes. I expected it to be slow cooked and falling apart, instead, it was rare and in some parts seemed uncooked. The 3 makes still ate it all up but I couldn't eat any of it.
As we shard everything it came to £30 each including coffees, which is pretty reasonable.

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