Sunday 24 August 2008

A perfect tapas supper.

You know I love Barcelona. You know I love tapas. It is, to me, the perfect way of eating. Small plates, fingers, wine. What more do you need.

So, having received my first order (hurrah!!) of Pimentos de Padron from Delicioso

I set to. How very easy it is. A hot pan, a little EV olive oil. In they go, five mins later out they come. Little green bundles of joy. And yes, as they say every one in ten is a hot little bugger.

I will have to watch my wallet as I could see this becoming a weekly weekend ritual.

I then made some pan amb tomate.

I used day old bread from Mellis which I toasted under the grill, the more toasted the better as when you rub the garlic cloves on, they essentially disintegrate into the bread, then once the cut surface of a plum vine tomato is rubbed on followed by a drizzle of EV olive oil, and a sprinkle of Maldon you have the perfect accompaniment for

Manchego, Jamon De Iberico both from Mellis and some Aceitunas from Lupe.


Unknown said...

These were my Pimentos de Padron.

And they were excellent.

The key? Don't stint on the sea salt.

That is all.

curious eater said...

I think you will find that those were my padron. I waited till after your birthday to post about them so as not to spoil your surprise.. Hey are you going to write up Hotel Du Vin?!