Wednesday 5 February 2014

Kooky bakes

I loved the sound of this bakery stall and knew that I would have to seek it out after we had our bacon sandwich at St John Bread & Wine. It was right round the corner at the Sunday market in Spitalfields- Upmarket. Not being a fan of the cupcake (shocking, I know) I made a beeline for the tray bakes. The signature slice : a base of salted pretzels, baked with chunks of chocolate (dark and white), pecan nuts, dulce de leche and shredded coconut. This was great but unfortunately the piece I got was slightly overdone which slightly spoiled its great taste. That didn't stop me from eating all of it of course, a feat which did take a couple of days though. The other slice which should have been equally as good as it was essentially a marathon/snickers bar was less successful for some reason that eludes me.
A stall to seek out.

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