Wednesday 5 February 2014

Buddy's Bar Diner Grill

We had tried out Buddy's burger joint a couple of months ago as it had rave reviews on James vs Burger. As we enjoyed what we had and were in the vicinity of their new sit in place we thought we would give it a shot.
Their menu is available on their facebook 
page. Their new place is located on that strip with Shimla pinks, cookie and the Bungo all nearby. There is plenty of parking on the side streets and the venue itself is large and family friendly.
I ordered the double buddy with jalepenos, HI ordered the brisket sandwich and the Carolina poutine and out of curiosity 6 mega death wings. The good points were the burger. It was large and juicy. Doubling the patties is a good idea as they are thin and cooked through. I would ask for the lettuce and tomato to be on the side next time as I think they dilute the flavour. The overall taste was good although the bun a bit dry and bready for my liking. The brisket sandwich was ok, but compared to others especially roast it was dry and not flavoursome enough. The poutine was tasty but very rich and a perfect stoner/ hangover dish. I think there could have been more cheese curds and I think thinner or better cooked fries would work better. The wings were unfortunately coated then fried, something which was not made clear on the menu and is to my mind unnecessary. The nega death sauce as always very good.
The service was friendly and effiecient and our food came out promptly.
If I wanted somewhere to go with the kids or a large group of friends I would return and stick to the burgers, as they do these well. Places like burger meats bun or bread meats bread or smoak as rivals and have their own strong points. Roast in the West End to my mind is the best brisket and Philly cheesesteak in Glasgow.

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