Saturday 4 October 2008

Bar Gandolfi again!

This place is becoming a bit of a regular fixture. HI and I were in the Merchant City before going to that other favourite of ours, the Italian Caffe and we decided to have some nibbles with our drinks.

The rosemary martini is quite drinkable and snacks help to soak up the booze.

The meatball and tomato skewers remain my favorite, followed closely by the black pudding and sausage rolls. The devils on horseback were a little over done for my liking. As mentioned before the bar and the restaurant are unique looking due to their interiors which feature heavily, the work of woodman Tim Stead. Look at this lovely inset.


Unknown said...

Well, its okay but its not as good as this..

Unknown said...

your page is to narrow!

here :

But i don't expect you foodies to appreciate true beauty...