Saturday 15 March 2014

Kelvingrove Cafe

I think we should go back to the old style shop fronts, they look cool. Many years ago, in fact back in 2008 I took a photo of the old shop front, admitting its beauty. Last year it was renovated into a bar/restaurant and we met some friends there last night. On the positive side it's a very good looking bar with a buzzy atmosphere but on the down side the food was quite frankly disappointing. The reason we went there in the first place was that the menu on the website had some interesting dishes roasted bone marrow, chimichanga crayfish and Rockefeller skink. Unfortunately the menu we were handed had none of these dishes on it. This was a big disappointment iambs I felt we were duped, the menu was much less interesting as a result.
I have no photos as the other problem with this place is it's far too dark. It's really more if a drinking bar than an eating place due to the lighting and volume of music.
We tried the lobster roll which compared to the Hawksmoor or Burger & Lobster was a poor show. The ratio of bread to filling was wrong and the £18 price tag was not reflected in the quality.
The fish taco was not served with a taco but a soft tortilla. This was not ideal to house the filling which was pieces of fish in a nondescript tomato sauce accompanied with some congealed cheese in a ramekin. No salsa,no herbs, no taste.
The sliders were a bit better with the lamb beating the chicken but no where near as good as Roast. In fact one of them had the bun toasted so much it was black and the burnt taste overwhelmed each bite.
The chicken wings were too sweet and not crispy enough. I love chicken skin but  not soggy flaccid chicken skin.
We were sat directly opposite the bar 5 people at 3 small round tables. This wasn't so much a problem for us but our elbows did seem to bump the poor wait staff who were pretty busy and tried hard to be attentive. 
We all agreed we would go back for a drink but not to eat.

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