Saturday 16 October 2010

cinc sentits

What used to be the best olives I had ever tasted (marinated in house) but a tad too orangey this time, the best olives now are found at El Xampanyet.

The signature maple syrup shot.

Deconstructed pan mab tomate- liked it as before.

An interesting dish little cubes of very tasty fresh mackeral with cubes of cherry in a ajo blanco. The last time we were in Barcelona the thing was to use strawaberries in savoury dishes, not it seems it the cherry's turn.

I like this way of having foie gras, the texture of the pastry and the savouriness of the chives offset the potentially overwhelming richness of the dish.

My least favourite course primarily as I am not that fussed on red mullet. It was a pleasant dish even after I dropped my camera in it! The service was so attentive and gracious that I was offered another to replace it, of course i declined, touched though I was, and proceeded to tuck in, slighlty tipsy were we!

The long awaited suckling pig, again not the best version of this dish I have had, the crackling was too hard if such a thing can be?, but the meat succulent and soft and offset perfectly with apple, two ways.

I think we are spoiled in this country (UK) with cheese courses, so we found this to be a poor offering

Fun palate cleanser with space rock in it! ah the 80's..

Rich dense chocolate mousse could have done with being a bit sweeter

Some mini puddings all of which were inventive and good.

All in all a very pleasant meal, a little less impressive than before but maybe that's because I have had many of the dishes multiple times before and found them too comfortable? The service was excellent and the environment very calm. If I had a lot of time on a next visit to fit in other places i want to try out then I would come back but if I was pushed for time, I might have to try somewhere new until the menu changes significantly.


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