Friday 15 May 2009

Lounge Bohemia.

Having been to New York where secret cocktail bars are all the rage, Lounge Bohemia seemed like it would be worthwhile scouting out. It's not that hard to find but as the sign says reservations are necessary. HI phoned up asking for a table for three only to be told it was standing room only. You can imagine his confusion, when, we were shown to a table on arrival. What was that all about? he fumed. We assumed it was a sense of humour. The interior took after the Mos Eisley Cantina school of design, furnished with random seventies furniture. It was dark and cosy and very civilised and there was a hostess lady who comes and takes your order, who looked as if she would scold you if you stepped out of line.

Not the sort of place you go and get really drunk in, or at least not that you would show it. It is kind of like the East Room in that respect, a place to sip and ponder your drinks whilst in like minded company. As you know we are big cocktail fans with HI having a soft spot for Audrey Saunders of Pegu Club fame and whilst in New york we sampled what was on offer at the Pegu club, Bemelmens, Death and Co, and PDT. We are always therefore keen to see what Cocktailians this side of the Atlantic have to offer, our favourite place in London at the moment being the Hawksmoor . I think HI was a bit disappointed. He started off with a promising tobacco infused whiskey based cocktail that was interesting in its presentation alone, let alone its taste. It worked well. The next cocktail the Lab Test

was disappointing. The idea is good you pick your base flavour either sour, sweet or something else and they make up a cocktail for you. We thought that each tube would have a different cocktail based around the sour note, but it was that same cocktail poured into 5 tubes! Bit of a gimmic if you ask me.

I was more than happy with my non-alcoholic drink

which was just like drinking a lemon sorbet, tart and refreshing.

I came away thinking the place was more hype than substance. I still think the Hawksmoor is better for cocktails and more relaxing, in that the bar staff give you a bit of chat, without checking to see if you are cool enough.


Anonymous said...

lounge bohemia is non standing venue = you have to be seated to be served = therefor the "by appointment only" sign upstairs.

I was very interested in the tobacco infused whiskey based cocktail you are talking about but non of the staff could help me on this one - looking as if i made it up?! but kindly offered the old castro (havana barrel proof rum infused with havana cigar served chilled in cigar tube with vanilla candy floss filled glass) instead.

curiouseater said...

You got me! It was an old castro he had. I think I must have been thinking of a smoking martini which of course is gin based not whiskey based, but whiskey tainted. You would think I had been drinking given the mistake, sorry!

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